MCAA Midyear Meeting 2024 Hotel Reservation Request


The resort is unique being a mountain resort. They have very rigid cancellation policies. Please be aware of the following details regarding changes you may need to make to your reservation. Any changes/cancels before July 22nd are fine, and you need to contact GRI to assist with those changes/cancels. Room rates are only guaranteed until July 22nd or when the current room block runs out of rooms. If the room block fills before July 22nd, the resort may offer additional rooms, but they will likely be at a higher per day rate.

Shortening stays/cancels to room reservations must be made before July 22nd. Any date changes to shorten a stay or cancel a reservation after July 22nd will be back charged at full rate by MCAA to the cancelling person, on behalf of the resort as they will be charging MCAA for those unused room nights. If you need to shorten your stay or cancel your room after July 22nd, please contact GRI. It is important to notify GRI as soon as possible as we will do everything we can to resell your room nights to a new attendee. If GRI can resell your room nights, you will not be responsible for those nights any longer. DO NOT CALL THE RESORT TO CANCEL YOUR ROOM.

If you are a ‘no show’, the resort will charge MCAA the room rate for the nights of your reservation and MCAA will have to collect that rate through a back charge. In addition, if you are a late arrival, the resort will charge MCAA for the unused night(s), and if you decide to leave early, the resort will charge MCAA for the unused night(s). MCAA will have to back charge you as well for late arrival and/or early departure nights.